Conditions Why You Are Losing Your Eyelashes

2 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Eyelashes

At times, some conditions may seem commonplace and simple, but their effect on eyelashes growth may be profound. Eczema and the psychological state of an individual can cause damage to follicles one of the lashes producing structures. So, eyelashes falling out and a person is losing eyelashes, remarkably.

losing eyelashes

Consequently, it’s critical to find solutions to the possible cause of losing eyelashes. Let’s begin with 2 conditions that can deprive you of the lashes you crave for and stop your eyelashes falling out. The most frequent question that people ask is can eyelashes grow back?

Also, we’ll discuss common solution plus how eyelash serum can do eyelashes grow back.

Why am I Losing Eyelashes?

Psychological State for Losing Eyelashes:

In this case, the person pulls out their eyelashes by themselves. This condition can be linked to impulse control disorder. From a very tender age, the person unconsciously fiddles, or more precisely, uproot the lashes from their follicles, and some may develop this habit to adulthood.

This condition will affect lash growth. For example, during the first stage of the hair growth cycle (Anagen), any of eyelashes falling out prematurely will not regenerate instantly—it will have to wait for the end of the entire cycle.

Hair pulling can be a rare case, but it does happen, and efforts made by the sufferer usually fail. Usual treatment can be cognitive behavioral therapy.

Psychological State

Eczema Causes Eyelashes Falling Out:

You may be suffering from eczema if you’re experiencing chronic itching, redness, discomfort, and swollen skin. Regarding losing eyelashes, it can also be a factor by affecting the eyelids, extending to the follicles and causing premature eyelashes falling out.

If you further rub the affected area (eyelids) the condition may grow worse. Also, continuous application of eyelash enhancer which contains chemicals and glues can further complicate the problems.

Therefore, eczema should be immediately attended to by a qualified dermatologist. This will enable your dermatologist to determine possible cause of losing eyelashes and treatments.


More Possible Causes for Eyelashes Falling Out:

In most cases, your condition may not be eczema or the psychological state, but due to lack of required vitamin and minerals to do eyelashes grow back. For example, deficiency of iron, in some studies, is linked to a pause in the growth of hairs.

vitamin and minerals

How to Regrow Eyelashes?

In the cycle of eyelash growth, which comprises of 3 stages, the resting phase is the period when the lash stops growing back. Diets rich in iron such as leafy vegetables, seafood, dried fruit, and beans will contribute to do eyelashes grow back and prevent losing eyelashes from breakage.

Other sources of nutrients your lash follicles will thank you for is a vitamin of the B family—Vitamin B3. It fosters the flow of blood and nutrients to structures attached to the follicles and refrains eyelashes falling out, firmly.


Generally, Many women have success with eyelash growth products such as eyelash serum which targets the follicles of the lashes. The active ingredients in serum are formulated to deliver essential nutrients which foods cannot provide.

While the skin is very sensitive to any material from entering its inner layers, the molecules of serum are tiny enough to penetrate, deliver nutrients, and work fast.

NourishLash eyelash serum

Several brands of serum are out there, but we found NourishLash to contain ample amount of active ingredients which compensate losing eyelashes. Click here link to learn more about NourishLash.

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