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Discover the newest way to pamper your lashes and make them appear longer, thicker, and darker. NourishLash Eyelash Growth Serum advanced formula is crafted with the highest-quality ingredients to support the look of longer, fuller, and lifted lashes.


NourishLash features the highest-quality natural ingredients like rare grape stem cells, green tea, biotin and powerful peptides that are proven to enhance the look of thin, sparse lashes. And no fillers—that means no phthalates, parabens, prostaglandins, silicones, gluten, oil or fragrances. We’ve ensured that NourishLash works fast, without harmful side effects or irritation.


NourishLash is packaged in a specialty aluminum tube. This aluminum canister preserves the integrity of the pure, natural ingredients in our eyelash serum, so they maintain their potency and deliver superior results.


Dry, sparse and brittle lashes have met their match. NourishLash is the best eyelash serum to grow and enhance the look of your natural lashes, so they appear stronger, longer and healthier. This lash enhancer serum will help your lash line look darker and more defined for gorgeous eyes that pop. After just three weeks of using NourishLash, you may find you don’t even need mascara!

Nourishlash Eyelash Growth Serum Delivers The Lashes You Long For, In A Fast, Safe & Natural Formula


NourishLash is the result of years of research into the most advanced technology to grow longer eyelashes. With endless eyelash growth products on the market claiming to grow eyelashes—and knowing that beautiful lashes can build your confidence and boost your natural beauty—the makers of NourishLash wanted to create a new, never-before-seen eyelash serum for women suffering from thinning lashes due to chemotherapy, hormonal changes, dietary deficiencies and more.

So they started with the very beginning of the lashes: the follicle. NourishLash eyelash booster enhances surrounding skin and fortifies lashes so that they look strong, shiny and healthy from root to tip.

With nutrient-rich botanical stem cells, antioxidants and a bioactive peptide complex, NourishLash enhances the appearance of thin, weak eyelashes. It delivers impressive improvement in the look of length and thickness in as little as two weeks

NourishLash helps to enhance lashes and defend against breakage, so they grow visibly stronger, longer and healthier. Clinically tested, ophthalmologist & dermatologist reviewed.

NourishLash eyelash enhancer works in two ways. First, the lash serum targets follicles with ingredients that help to defend against hair loss.

Then, it infuses lashes with ultra-enhancing ingredients, they become stronger and more resistant to breakage, helps lashes to appear shiny, healthy and full.

NourishLash focuses on primary ingredients that give your lashes what they need to be strong, healthy and lustrous. NourishLash uses the best eyelash serum ingredients and no cheap fillers.

When you look at NourishLash eyelash serum ingredients, you’ll see the following ingredients at the very top of the list. In these high concentrations, our powerful peptides, antioxidants, plant stem cells and enhancing agents have a dramatic enhancement effect on lashes.



These lash-specific peptides target the lashes with fortifying benefits, helping to support the appearance of increased length, fullness, thickness and density in just two weeks.

Vitamin B7


Biotin also called Vitamin B₇ is regarded for its ability to support healthy skin, hair and nails. It’s one of the top lash growth ingredients, as it helps to defend against damage and breakage.



This eyelash ehancing ingredient nourishes lashes and helps to clear away debris and dead skin from lash follicles, which can slow lash growth.



Panthenol, a form of vitamin B, nourishes and enhances lashes. It helps to prevent breakage, allowing lashes to grow and thrive.



Green tea is rich in antioxidant polyphenols with protective capabilities. It helps to protect against breakage and thinning caused by inflammation.



Like grape stem cells helps to protect against the harmful effects of DHT, thereby reducing the chance of lashes breaking and falling out.

NourishLash Reviewed by actress Tory Taranova

We thrive when your eyelashes thrives


Wow! Nourishlash is the breakthrough I have been looking for!! It is really hard to show the progress of Nourishlash serum in pictures. I started using this serum on September 2. I started noticing results in less than 2 weeks. I have very short straight lashes that you could barely see. My lashes started increasing in length with little thickness. After 7 weeks, my lashes are curly, long, and full. I am delighted and will continue to use this product.

Juana Jose

My lashes had always been sparse and short since I was 23. I tried other lash serums and products which didn’t work well. The last serum I tried left my eyelids red. I came across Nourishlash and decided to give it a try. I appreciate the natural ingredients that were used in the formulation and that it is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. I use it twice daily as recommended by the manufacturer. After 2 weeks I noticed a difference, and after a month I started receiving a lot of compliments. I am still on my first tube. This is indeed a gem in a tube!

Rhoda Fred

OMG! This product is far better than anything I tried before. I lost my lashes to chemo early last year, and it has been difficult growing my brows & lashes. I tried a lot of DIYs (castor oils, etc) plus 3 different lash serum brands, none worked for me. My friend recommended Nourishlash, I started seeing results about 5 weeks. My bald spots were filling in gradually and my countable lash strands started growing longer and fuller. I saw full results in about ten weeks. Did I mention I use it on my brows too? My brows look so dark and beautiful. I will definitely buy this product again.

Cora Willie

I have always had dull and short lashes and was looking for the perfect product to enhance them. Stella, my coworker, told me to get this product but was skeptical. Now I’m glad I did. It definitely worked. I apply it twice a day – in the morning and before bedtime. It feels like water and doesn’t sting. Less than a month of using this product my lashes started growing like weeds. I still hope for more thickness. I’m confident Nourishlash will help me achieve that soonest.

Josefina Arthur

I rarely drop reviews, but I’m happy to share my experience with other people. When my boss told me about Nourishlash, I was skeptical. My previous experience with lash serums made me swear not to try them again. My boss then suggests I made more findings. I read a lot of reviews and most of them are on the positive side. I decided to give it a try. That’s one of the best decision I’ve made in my life. It took about 6 weeks to see results. My lashes are looking so long and thick that I don’t need to use mascaras ever again. This product is worth every single penny!

Fannie Douglas

I had to stop my previous brand when I became pregnant. That was because it contained a form of prostaglandin analog that is dangerous for pregnant and lactating mothers. Unlike others, I didn’t feel any irritation using my previous brand. But wanted to be on the safer side. This product is a miracle worker! I have been on the lookout for a serum with hexapeptide-16 for a long time now. So glad I found Nourishlash. People are always stopping me and asking if my lashes were real. I can’t stop singing the praise of this incredible product!

Celia Lawrence



This product really works!!! I wear lash extensions for over five years. My natural lashes became thin, weak, and started falling out. Using Nourishlash saved my natural lashes from the terrible jaws of lash extensions. Barely two weeks of using this serum in the morning and evening I started noticing results. Now it is over two months and my lashes are healthy and full. Give it a try. You won’t ever regret using this product.

Meredith James

I used Nourishlash less than 2 months before my wedding and I can confidently say it is the best product for lashes you can get today. People were asking me if I had extensions. My lashes grew so strong, healthy, and fabulous. I absolutely recommend trying Nourishlash if you are serious about growing fabulous lashes within 2 months!

Amber Timothy

If I could give Nourishlash more stars, I would. I was skeptical at first but the ingredients, reviews, and the guarantee gave me the confidence I needed to give it a try. Nourishlash is amazing!! In less than a month my lashes look full and beautiful. It also conditions and curls my lashes. If you want full and long lashes without any side effects, this is your go-to product.

Robert Dike