Can Stress Cause Eyelashes Falling Out

Can Stress Cause Eyelashes to Fall out?

Stress and Eyelash Loss

Have you ever wondered if stress affects your hair and eyelash growth? Well, wonder no more because it can. We can say stress is one of the most important reason of eyelashes falling out. You may want to ask what the stress indicators are, because many times we are stressed out without knowing that we are.

You are stressed when you lack the appetite for good food and instead find yourself reaching out for junks. You are stressed when you cannot put your thought process in order but instead, you are doing things at superhuman speed yet feel disorganized.



You are stressed when you forget things easily but find yourself trying to remember something as simple as where you kept your toothbrush - of course, it's in your bathroom!

You're stressed out when you unconsciously pluck out your own hair strand by strand, rub your eye socket so badly out of frustration or pick at your eyelashes till you have only a few strands left. Here, we explain the connection between stress and eyelashes falling out, indicators and remedies to grow them back.

 2 Conditions Why You Are Losing Your Eyelashes

Stress Indicators

So, what causes stress? Stress is possible in every area of life. You can be emotionally stressed out because, for example, you just discovered you're expecting a baby you didn't plan for, which will, in turn, affect your job as a model. Then after accepting the presence of the baby, you're concerned whether she will be perfect.

You move on to be worried about how painful delivery will be, followed by post-pregnancy complications; will your body return to normal? Will I regain my pre-pregnancy look? And so on. All these will accumulate into a sleepless night or at best, choppy sleep. Pray tell, with all the unnecessary worries, how will you not lose something physically? It is therefore inevitable to lose weight and hair!

Maybe the above was a worst-case scenario but other causes of stress are not insignificant either. Having trouble at work, going through relationship crises, divorce, chemotherapy - even spiritual imbalance for those who are so inclined, will make way for Cortisone, the release of the stress hormone that makes the brain send erratic signals to the mind and alter the chemicals in the body.

As a result, every part of the body, including the eyelashes suffer because growth will be either impeded or stunted. This means that when the hair is supposed to be the growth phase, it will be as though it is at the resting phase because little or no growth will take place.

4 Ways to Prevent Stress to Not Cause Eyelashes to Fall Out

Indeed, stress is a part of every normal human living but it can be managed properly. One recommendation that works any day, anytime is adequate rest. You may be wondering I didn't say adequate sleep. This is because sleeping is not the only way you rest. You may sleep and still be troubled. As a result, a sleeping session that is not devoid of restlessness is wasted.

Therefore, it is advisable to empty your mind of worries before sleeping, and how do you do this? This will lead us to the next remedies, meditation/yoga and opening up to someone.

prevent eyelashes from falling out

The former is a conscious physical exercise that involves emptying your mind of every negative thought while maintaining a certain physical position. For example, pranayama, a breathing exercise you do cross-legged on the floor with your legs under your thighs. While your mind is focused on breathing, it doesn't have time to ponder anything else. It is also a meditation exercise.

The second remedy is similar yet different to yoga exercise or meditation and it involves speaking to a trusted friend, family member or a counselor/psychologist who will listen and help you through your emotional upheavals.

You may think these have nothing or little to do with hair growth but they do.


A Note:

The further you go, the more you try to control your stress, which stops the lashes from falling out. In the process, you can also use a natural product that contains several types of vitamins and substances needed to maintain the health of your eyelashes that can strengthen them well to restore the beauty of your eyes. I'm talking about an eyelash serum that was selected by customers as the best eyelash serum in 2020. Click the button below to see how this serum works and read customer reviews.


The third possible remedy is balanced diet. Good healthy food contributes a lot to our health, and the right kinds of food will balance hormones, provides nutrients and fight unwanted factors in the body. A large percentage of the state of our health is due to what we put in our body, so, you might want to consider including lots of veggies, fruits and enough water in your daily diet regimen.

Also, reduce caffeine and sugar intake as they can leave you high strung especially when you should be resting and don't need the extra energy.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

The fourth remedy that can aid in maintaining the condition, as well as the growth of thick and lengthened eyelashes, is to give yourself enough rest even when you think you don't need it.

The moment you discover that you're reverting to your usual ways of working too much or worrying unnecessarily, take a step back and let your mind and body rest. Also, consider letting your body recover after going through an operation, delivery or taking medication. You would be doing yourself, and indirectly, your eyelashes some good.

 Nourishlash before and after

How Long Does It Take For Eyelashes to Grow Back?

Lastly, you should consider giving your sparse or growing lashes some direct tender loving care (TLC) treatment by using a healthy yet effective eyelash serum. A serum is a good way of boosting growth and a good serum is even better. Eyelash growth serum will do the trick. It is formulated with the best of the best ingredients. It has pentapeptides, biotin, vitamins, condition, moisturizing and growth-enhancing plant extracts. It produces results in less than ten weeks and best of all, it is non-irritating, paraben and fragrance-free.


If you diligently follow the few remedies provided above and you try out this eyelash serum, you are welcome to come back and leave below your feedback of an overall outcome and not just lengthened and lush eyelashes.Click the button below for more.



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