How To Lengthen and Thicken Your Eyelashes

How To Lengthen and Thicken Your Eyelashes

Despite we crave for longer and fuller lashes, having them can be confusing and time consuming. While some have given up on their lashes due to trials without success, others have perceived it to be a burden on them. How to lengthen and thicken eyelashes?

However, gaining longer lashes shouldn’t be a burden or a dream that can’t be achieved. It simply can be done with little effort from home remedies to eyelash growth serums.

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The following are tricks and tips on how to thicken and lengthen the eyelash easily.

Using Home Remedies to Thicken Eyelashes

Vaseline: How to grow eyelashes with Vaseline? Vaseline act as a conditioner and strengthener for your eyelash. The application of Vaseline daily will help eyelash growth. With the help of Vaseline, the existing eyelash becomes strengthened and it also stimulates the growth of new one.

For effective result towards achieving thicker and longer lashes, Vaseline should be applied at night before bedtime. However, it may take several weeks to few months to see a measurable difference in lash growth.

Home Remedies to Lengthen Eyelashes

Powder: It’s easy to achieve the appearance of thicker and longer lashes with the use of loose powder alongside your mascara each day. Simply, use a coat of mascara with loose powder on it, ensure to cover the powder with more than two coats of mascara for effective result of instant thickening. But none of these methods above can be as effective as an eyelash serum

4 Home Remedies That Guarantee Eyelash Growth


Commercial Products to Thicken Eyelashes

Mascara: Mascara is a very effective makeup product that can help in making your lashes look thicker and longer.  Also to achieve thicker and longer eyelash, the combination of two different types of mascara such as volumizing mascara and a lengthening formula is very effective to achieve thickened eyelash.

Try using an eyelash primer before applying the mascara. Eyelash primers will help the appearance of thicker and longer lashes by plumping each individual lash. Mascara can also be used to thicken and lengthen the eyelash by applying it outward and inward. This will make it possible to apply more mascara to the outer lashes which eventually emphasize their length.

Commercial Products to Thicken Eyelashes

False Eyelashes: False eyelashes are available in a wide range of prices and qualities. High quality false eyelashes can be reusable which has variety of lengths, and can last longer than normal false lashes.

Regardless of the brand or quality of false eyelashes you choose, it is important to read the application directions very carefully. Using a false eyelash can help provide the appearance of thicker and longer lashes as well as the appearance of natural lash.

We all know that none of these methods are permanent, but using an eyelash serum in addition to thickening and darkening the eyelashes, works faster, and we know that it definitely going to work, but the method above may not work.

Eyelash Serums for Thicker Eyelashes

Eyelash serums are an excellent option to achieve thicker, longer and fuller eyelash. Also, an eyelash growth serum promotes and conditions your natural lashes. There are some high-quality eyelash serums that would help ensure natural eyelash growth more quickly than you can imagine. This serum promises real results in a matter of weeks.

Nourishlash before and after

Achieving a long, beautiful eyelash don't have to be out of your reach, difficult or messy. Perhaps you might prefer makeup, home remedies or lash serum, either way, you definitely have many available options for longer, thicker lashes.Click the button below to order yours!

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