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Grow Long Thick Lashes With This Product

Some of us notice that our eyelash get worse as we age and hope to have those long luscious lashes. While some of us are born with short lashes with a desire to make them longer. Growing longer lashes is one of the most desired aspects of most women as they always are eager to know how to grow longer eyelashes.

We tend to search for ways, methods and tricks to make our eyelash grow longer, fuller and thicker. Sometimes we even settle for beauty product that gives us the appearance of long lashes just to experience how beautiful we can be if we had them.

It’s important to note that lashes can fall off but not as much to grow back. This method is known as eyelash growth circle. Each eyelash goes through a growth circle that takes up to 8-12 weeks.

The eyelash growth circle is in three phases, which are Antagen, Catagen and Telogen phase. This allows for new, healthier eyelashes to come in. It's normal for eyelashes to fall off at the end of the growth cycle.

Which products help lashes grow long and thick

There are different products that could be used to grow longer eyelashes but each of these products has their uniqueness and function.

Some women prefer natural product for nourishing and stimulating the eyelash growth. The use of natural product like castor oil, almomd oil, vaseline, coconut oil among others are common among women.   

However, there have been cases of impaired vision or possible eye infections through the improper use of these products.

Lash growth serum has become more popular and most preferable among women due to its ability to grow their own eyelashes instead of using fake eyelashes, extensions, and layers of mascara. This is because excessive use of mascara, fake lashes and extensions are damaging to your existing lash as this are applied on them to give the appearance of longer lashes.

Eyelash serum is formulated to moisturize and condition the eyelash from its root. They also contain nutrients and vitamins required by the eyelash to promote lash growth. Eyelash serum has proven to be more effective and reliable for achieving eyelash growth and improving new thicker eyelash.

Eyelash enhancement serum is known to grow new eyelashes and make our natural eyelashes get longer. There are few amazing products on the market that ensure women are able to grow new eyelash despite experiencing losing eyelashes or never really had long lashes.

How does eyelash growth serum work?

Eyelash growth serums work by infusing nutrients and vitamins into the hair follicle directly, creating healthier, thicker and longer eyelash. The eyelash serum can be used by applying it on the lash line and often takes two weeks for you to see visible result.

Although there are many ways to give you the appearance of longer lashes and there is also a single cost-conscious yet effective way to get those luscious lashes. Eyelash serum is the best means of achieving longer lashes.

While, many companies have produced eyelash serum but only one eyelash has been proven by a remarkable number of reviews to be not just a conditioning serum but also stimulate longer eyelash growth. For more information click here


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