Eyelash Growth Serum That Works


Many believe that there is a secret to making the eyelash grow which are often used by actresses and models that never seize to have longer lashes. The basic fact is that those with longer lashes are doing something that you are not doing which makes you still have those short lashes. 

It is true that there are a number of products that can help with longer lashes and it is also true that eyelash can become short and brittle if not properly taken care of. More so, there are many home remedies that can perfectly help provide longer, fuller eyelash.

However, before we discuss these incredible home remedies that help with lash growth, there are a number things we trifle with that have adverse effect on our eyelash, they include;

Thing affecting eyelash growth

The use of cheap makeup: While some of us do not see this as a big deal and don’t often take it seriously, using cheap makeup can have an adverse effect on our eyelash. Makeup is expected to help us look more beautiful giving us the appearance of longer lashes to fit our outfit and bring out the admiration of our face.

Improper application of mascara: When applying mascara most of us don’t follow the instruction or adhere to the warnings. We often ignore this aspect which also affects our lash growth.

Mascara contains chemicals that cause irritation to some thereby making your existing lashes to fall off. Also, excessive use of mascara can be very harmful to your eyelash as well.

Roughly rubbing your eyes: It is perfectly normal to rub the eyes sometime, but also important to rub them gently to avoid damaging the eyelash.  Thus, be careful when rubbing your eyelash and avoid rubbing them frequently.

Excessive rubbing will make your lash fall off and also rubbing them roughly due to sweat or in cases of those with an oily face can also make the eyelash to break or fall off.

Now that we have pointed out the things we do that causes hard or damage our eyelash, the following are home remedies that can be trusted to ensure longer lashes.

Home remedies that works

Castor Oil: This home remedy is a very reliable eyelash growth enhancer. To use castor oil, simply apply it to your eyelash before going to bed at night. Maintain the application of castor oil on your lashes for 4-5 weeks consistently. Ensure to wash your face with warm water in the morning following the application of the previous day.

Please note that it might take longer to see a vivid result but when you finally do, you will be glad you tried.

Olive Oil: To use this home remedy, after warming up the olive oil, simply apply to your lashes and around your eyes. Olive oil is very beneficial to your eyelash as well as the skin around them. It may take up to 6-8 weeks to see result but it works.

Petroleum Jelly: Rub petroleum jelly on your eyelash and avoid letting it get into your eyes. Petroleum jelly helps to condition the eyelash thereby stimulating growth. And make sure you wash it off in the morning. This may take up to 5weeks for effective result.

The above home remedies work for lash growth but not as effective and reliable as compared to eyelash growth serum. Eyelash serum is easier with no side effect. With eyelash serum you are guaranteed natural lash growth that is thicker fuller and beautiful. Follow this link to discover the magic of eyelash growth enhancement serum.