how to grow long eyelashes

Eyelash Growth With 3 Easy Steps

The eyes play a significant role in the common perception of one’s whole beauty. Therefore, having a longer and beautiful eyelash is a big deal from a beauty standpoint. It’s understandable that for a woman, having long eyelashes is one of the best accomplishments we crave for.

But discovering how to grow long eyelashes requires the basic knowledge of what makes up the eyelash and what are its growth needs.  First, let’s uncover what makes up the eyelash. Then, discuss the three easy steps to follow, if you really want longer eyelash.

What are our eyelash made of?

Just like our hair, the eyelash is made of protein. Nearly 92% of the eyelash is made of protein known as keratin. This protein is the number one nutrient that makes up the eyelash, hair, skin and even our nails.

It’s also vital to note that so many factors play a role in achieving or getting longer eyelash. They include healthy diet, natural and home remedies, and lash growth enhancement products. However, in this case we want to discuss the three easy steps to follow, if you really want longer eyelash.

First Step: Stop damaging your eyelash

There are some major things we do that are damaging the eyelash. These habits affect the eyelash growth negatively causing it to fall off, break or reduce the natural growth rate, these includes;

Going to bed without removing your makeup or mascara which eventually cause the eyelash to break off or fall out.

Over washing the eyelash, as we wash our face frequently we definitely cannot escape washing the eyelash as well. Over washing of the eyelash will result in making the lash dry and brittle. Also, excessive rubbing of the eyes either as a result of itching or something else can be very damaging to your lashes.

Using mascara while you still have short lashes isn’t bad but while removing them requires care, it also a way of keeping your eyelash as it goes through the natural growth phase. Generally, our eyelash requires care and loves to be treated gently. Thus, ensure to use a mild makeup remover for your mascara

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Stop damaging your eyelash

Second Step: Maintain a healthy diet

This part of eyelash growth is very important. Adding some major nutrients to your daily diet is the key to achieving longer lashes; you don’t necessarily have to change your whole diet. Including food that are rich in omega -3 and 6 fatty acid such as salmon, almond and grains as well as vitamin supplements can be very beneficial to your lash growth. 

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Third step: Use growth enhancer

Over the years women have realized the benefits and effectiveness of eyelash growth enhancer serums and how they can actually help to stimulate lash growth. Lash enhancement serum has been made to moisturize lashes from its roots and are made to have vitamins and nutrients that promote and protect eyelash growth.

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Having long, thick, luscious eyelash means the body gets enough nutrients and vitamins which are contained in eyelash serum. The best way to achieve effective lash growth is by using the most requested and effective eyelash growth serum in the market. Click here to get the most demanded eyelash growth serum.

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