Lash Growers – Do They Really Work

Lash Growers – Do They Really Work?

Are you tired of your short, sparse lashes and looking for a way out? Have you tried almost every product out there and yet you didn’t see any improvement? This short guide is for you and will expose you to the inside secrets of eyelash growth products on the market.

The first thing you need to ask yourself if your lashes are sparse and thin is, what is the cause of my lash woes? The answer to this question will best help you to achieve the best results you’ve always wanted.

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Take, for instance, if your sparse, thin lash was as a result of smoking and drinking, no amount of eyelash serum you apply would revive your lashes if you still indulge in smoking and drinking. Another example is overplucking. If your eyelashes are scanty as a result of overplucking, it becomes an arduous task to grow them back. Reason is that you might have damaged your lash follicles.

So, you not seeing results may be as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle and some bad habits you engage in. Another thing is your diet. Do you eat healthily? Are you a fan of junk foods? Eating nutritious foods will boost your keratin production from the dermis, which will, in turn, enhance your lash length and thickness.

Technology and Lash Growth:

Gone are the days when people depend on animal dungs, charcoal, and some other less effective means to enhance their lashes. All these, including mascaras and lash extensions, only give temporary results.

Today, technology has brought us a big fortune. We have some well-formulated eyelash enhancers that help condition, strengthen, lengthen, thicken, and improve the overall lash condition. Unlike mascaras and lash extensions, eyelash growers give permanent results. Although it may take up to 6 weeks or more, the results are lusher, healthier, and studier natural lashes. Other pros of eyelash growers are that you don’t have to worry about plucking your lashes or losing them at an important event. Think of the embarrassment that a removed extension can cause in an important gathering!

Active Ingredients in Lash Growers:

There are two primary active ingredients in lash growers. The first is prostaglandin analog, a hormone-based ingredient that makes the eyelash longer and fuller within a few weeks. The second eyelash grower is peptide-based.

Lash boosting peptides like myristoyl pentapeptide 17 and myristoyl hexapeptide 16 are combined with other eyelash enhancing ingredients to deliver a Tyson uppercut to short, sparse lashes. Even if you’ve overplucked when it was trendy, peptide-based serums know just how well to soothe your lash follicles and pamper them to start growing your dream lashes.

Which kind of eyelash serums work more effective?

Both peptide-based and prostaglandin-based lash serums work effectively, but the latter (prostaglandin) triggers a lot of side effects and discomforts in people with sensitive skin. Some of the side effects are itching eyes, blurriness, permanent changes to the iris color, eyelid darkening, and more. If you have sensitive eyes, the best you can do for your precious eyes is to avoid any prostaglandin (bimatoprost and isopropyl cloprostenate) products.

Generally, lash growers work if you invest in the right one. To get started with our pick, click here now!


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