How to Grow Longer Eyelashes

How to Grow Eyelashes?

Who else want lustrous, beautiful lashes? Yes, they shape the eyes properly, making the face pop more. Some people are so lucky to have beautiful lashes while others aren’t so fortunate. The most important question is that “how to grow eyelashes?” Many factors play a different role in how our lashes grow. As we get older, our lashes growth rate slows down, and we tend to see more lash strands fall off. Other reasons like wearing mascaras to bed, not eating healthy, smoking and drinking, some medical conditions determines the rate at which our lashes grow.

If you are eager to know how to grow eyelashes, the good news is, you have many options you can adopt to grow your lashes. Some are temporary while others offer long-lasting solutions. Let’s take a look at some of them and learn how to make eyelashes grow:

how to grow eyelashes

Lash Extension for eyelash growth

Lash extensions, also called semi-permanent extensions, are designed to grow your lashes temporarily – for up to 2 months. They are suitable for people who have sparse, thin lashes and want a quick lift to parties, occasions, and other special events.

Lash extensions come in different grade with price ranging from $10 to as much as $500 or more. The higher the price, the better the quality.

Although many women that want to learn how to grow eyelashes, are using lash extensions. The reviews from every corner of the world indicate that lash extensions do more harm than good. Not only are they expensive and tedious to maintain, but they also wreck more havoc to your natural lashes. Also, some lash extensions harbor microorganisms that may cause eyes infection. Some users also experience irritations and discomforts with lash extensions.

lash extension for eyelash growth

Healthy Eating for eyelash growth

How to grow eyelashes by healthy eating? If you want to grow your lashes, you need to eat healthily. Dump junk foods for rich, nutritious meals. Henceforth your foods should contain Beta-Carotene, Sulphur, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Protein. These will ensure that your body produces enough keratin, which is the building block of nail, skin, and hair.

Mascaras for eyelash growth

Mascaras are inexpensive and readily available on the market. Mascaras give the impression that the lashes are longer and fuller than they really are. Don’t get it wrong; mascaras don’t grow your lashes…they only help you to get thicker eyelashes for a short period. Even at that, mascaras can harm your lashes like losing eyelashes.

However, you can minimize the adverse effect of mascara on your lashes by using a gentle makeup remover to gently and properly remove mascara from your lashes to prevent them from drying out and breaking. Also, you should dump your mascara bottle for a fresh one every three months to guide against eye infection.

How Lash Growth Serum make eyelashes grow?

How to make eyelashes grow by lash growth serum? Today, we have tons of eyelash growth products designed to thicken and lengthen our lashes. One of them is the eyelash serum.  Lash serums are designed to condition, lengthen, thicken, condition, and avoid eyelashes falling out.

If you use the brand we recommend below and learn how to apply eyelash serum; you won’t need to use lash extensions or fake eyelashes or mascaras ever again.

Lash serums work on your weak lash follicles, empowering them to grow lusher, beautiful lashes within a short period. Although results take longer – starting from 3 weeks or more. Your lashes will look vibrant and incredible if you are patient and dedicated to the course.

Are you interested in growing your natural lashes easily and know how to grow eyelashes? The answer is NourishLash eyelash growth serum. Click here for more information and ordering.

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