How To Apply Your Mascara The Right Way

How To Apply Your Mascara The Right Way

Mascara is one of the cosmetic products used to enhance the lashes temporarily. It makes the lashes appear more define, longer, and thicker for some hours. Some mascaras also add curls to the lashes, beautifying the eyes more. The most frequent questions that women ask are how to apply mascara and how to put on mascara.

Most people find applying mascara to be difficult, especially women just starting with their makeup ritual. That is why we created this guide. We will explain following topics:

  • How to put on mascara
  • How to fix clumpy mascara
  • Mascara rules you should know
  • how to apply mascara without smudging

The Best Way To Apply Your Mascara

The best time to use your mascara is after you have completed your eye makeup. You should clean your lashes before using mascara. For more defined lashes, you may want to curl your lashes before applying your mascara. Curling also prevents your mascara from clumping (but don’t curl after using your mascara to prevent lash breakage and eyelashes falling out).

Moving from the inside of your eyes to the outside, stroke your mascara wand (applicator brush) carefully over the upper eyelashes to achieve the right shade.

You have to be more careful of clumpy lashes as they may frustrate your effort. There are some specific steps you need to follow to achieve the desired results. Initially, you wiggle your mascara wand from the right to the left base of your eyelashes. Then you wiggle the wand through your lashes gently to separate clumpy lashes.

how to apply mascara

How to fix clumpy mascara? To remove any clumps, first close your eyes. Then place your mascara wand on top of your eyelashes at the bottom of your eyes and pull it slightly downward. You may also comb your lashes to keep your lashes separated and clumpy-less.

Now your mascara is at your lash base. The next thing is to move your mascara wand slowly through your lash tips. You can remove the excess mascara with your lash comb. For best result, you should apply multiple coats of mascara. Professional makeup artists use one coat for thickening and the other coat for lengthening.

Mascara Rules You Should Know

A lot of people use black mascara because it suits everyone generally. However, people with light blonde skin may not like the effect of a black mascara during the day. Hence some of them prefer brown mascara for the day and black for the night.

People with blue eyes may want to consider a blue mascara because it brightens the eyes, and purple mascara works better on the brown eyes.

If you don’t have a mascara curler, you may warm your mascara wand for 2 to 5 seconds before using it to curl your lashes.

How to apply mascara without smudging? To prevent mascara smudge, you may powder under your eyes. To achieve a dramatic look, apply your mascara on your upper lashes. And to make your eyes appear bolder, you should use it on your bottom lashes too. To keep your lashes separated, apply a primer coat on your eyelashes, but that should be after your first coat of mascara has dried thoroughly to prevent clumps.

To help you achieve fuller lashes with your mascara, ensure you use a dense bristle wand so that you can apply a thicker amount of mascara on your lash tips. To prevent smudging, you shouldn’t blink for some seconds after applying your mascara.

How to apply mascara without smudging

Although there are some anti-smudge waterproof mascaras on the market, using them for an extended period may damage your natural lashes.

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