3 Hacks to Get Thicker Eyelashes

3 Hacks to Get Thicker Eyelashes


People have been searching for natural ways to have thicker eyelashes and make longer eyelashes because of some of the drawbacks from using fiber lash mascara or eyelash extension. Most fiber lash products or eyelash extension contain (controversial and sometimes unhealthy) ingredients that damage the lashes as well as cause eyelashes falling out.

It is true that some people are born with fuller, longer and thicker eyelashes due to genetics, but there is a direct association between nutrition and hair health (including lashes). If a person gets sufficient collagen, fat soluble vitamins, vitamins B, vitamin C, it will lead to the growth of hair and eyelashes.

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In this article, we learn some homemade hacks to grow thicker and longer eyelashes. This homemade lash serum comes from the everyday items we use at home.

Here are some of the eyelash serum to have thicker eyelashes:

Vaseline, Castor Oil, and Coconut Oil Serum

Petroleum jelly is also known as Vaseline is a superb moisturizing and conditioning agent for lashes. It prevents lashes from getting brittle or dry. Coconut oil, on the other hand, contains active ingredients that will make your lashes soft, dark and shiny.

Castor oil is for the promotion of healthier and faster eyelash growth, and the prevention of breakage. Castor oil is rich in minerals, proteins, fatty acids, vitamin E that stimulate hair growth.

 Here is how to apply this mixture

  • Get a clean jar or tiny container to make this serum.
  • Now add one part castor oil, one part coconut oil, and two parts Vaseline.
  • Mix all three ingredients.
  • Use a clean mascara wand or eyeliner brush to smear a coating of this mixture to your upper and lower lashes.
  • Leave till morning and wipe off in the morning using makeup removing wipes.

Vaseline oil-Castor Oil-Coconut Oil Serum

Castor oil, coconut oil, emu oil, and Vitamin E oil

Castor oil contains vitamins, proteins, and Omega-6 fats, all these ingredients helps boost spectacular hair growth

Emu oil– this is a hair-nourishing, moisturizing, highly anti-inflammatory natural ingredient with non-comedogenic (does not clog pores), anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and antibacterial properties.

Here is how to make an Eyelash Growth Serum from these four Ingredients

  • Get a clean jar or tiny container to make this serum
  • Put in 1 teaspoon of castor oil
  • Add one teaspoon of emu oil
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil
  • Place in 2 capsules Vitamin E oil
  • Mix all ingredients and use a small dropper bottle for storage.

How to apply this serum on your lashes:

Put one drop on your finger or use a cotton ball and softly massage into the lash line. The best time to do this is at night before bed and wash off when up in the morning. Apply daily for best results. This serum can enhance sparse and thin eyelashes into the stronger, fuller and thicker eyelash.

Castor oil, coconut oil, emu oil, and Vitamin E oil serum

Almond oil, Castor oil, Coconut oil, Vitamin E

You can make an eyelash growth serum from a combination of these four oils. The mixture attempt to maximize the unique advantages each oil brings to aid fast eyelash growth that works.

Here are the Ingredients

  • Prepare a clean jar or tiny container
  • Put one teaspoon of the castor oil into a container
  • Add one teaspoon of sweet almond oil
  • Add half a teaspoon of coconut oil to the mixture
  • Place one vitamin E oil capsule into the container
  • mix all the ingredients to make a homogenous solution
Almond oil-Castor oil-Coconut oil-Vitamin E oil serum

Top rated eyelash growth serum:

Using homemade eyelash growth serum have their weaknesses, one of them being that it takes a long time to see any significant growth of your eyelashes when compared to the results you can get from carefully and scientifically prepared serum.

A top-rated serum stimulates a fast growth of the eyelashes in a matter of 2 weeks because it has potent active ingredients like panthenol, plant stem cells, biotin and peptides blended to make it effective.

This article shows some of the natural means you can use to get thicker eyelashes. You can make an eyelash growth serum using items in your home. One of the disadvantages of using natural methods for growing longer, and thicker lashes is that it demands consistency and patience.

For a fast result, you can get a hold of one of the best eyelash enhancer serum, NourishLash. Go to here to find it.

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