Factors to Consider Before Buying a Lash Serum

Five Factors to Consider Before Buying a Lash Serum

Ever since Allergan produced the first FDA-approved lash serum, Latisse, in 2009, several other products have surfaced. There are now over 50 lash serum brands in the market competing for user attention. Consumers need to be careful when buying eyelash serum. Some lash serums are made of harmful ingredients and may cause side effects.

To guide users when selecting eyelash growth serum, here are some things you need to consider before buying an eyelash growth serum.

before buying lash serum

Brand of the lash serum:

When it comes to cosmetics products, the brand does matter. Some producers are fond of producing low-quality products. A strong cosmetic brand wouldn’t produce any product that can damage its brand. You can know a strong cosmetic brand by speaking with a dermatologist or a beauty expert.

High positive review:

The top quality lash serum brand has the highest positive reviews on eyelash serum review sites. Several beauty blogs do carry out independent reviews of beauty and eyelash products. You should only read reviews from authoritative blogs. Most reviews on some blogs are fake. This is a major consideration when choosing a lash serum.

Product’s ingredients:

The ingredients used in an eyelash serum will determine the effectiveness of the product. Most consumers never bother to read labels of eyelash serums. When buying a lash serum, you should check out for the following ingredients peptides, biotin, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals; if they are absent, the product is not likely to be effective. You should also watch out for harmful ingredients such as paraben, chemical oil, fragrance, carcinogenic substances, and prostaglandin.

Check the packaging:

The easiest way of identifying a fake eyelash serum is by just examining the packaging. Counterfeit comes with very poor packaging that instantly gives it out easily. Most times the prints are low quality and difficult to read. Some parts of the prints may be missing altogether.

Check the expiry date:

You should check the expiry date of a lash serum before buying it. Some of the eyelash serums sold online or at retail stores may not be fake, but they may be expired. Expired products are dangerous for use due to the build-up of bacteria inside the products. You should always check the expiry date of eyelash serum before making a purchase.

Generally, don’t buy an eyelash growth serum without doing proper research. Many eyelash serums you see out there may not be proper serum and wouldn’t cause any changes in your lashes. Reviews are very important; you need to check up lash serum reviews online. If you are in doubt of any product speak with a dermatologist or an ophthalmologist for a recommendation.

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