2 Ways to Make Your Lashes Look Sexy and Beautiful

2 Ways to Make Your Lashes Look Sexy and Beautiful

When we watch various celebrities on the red carpet, we wonder how they were able to achieve lush and sexy lashes. Every lady wants to be able to walk out with lashes that will make other women drool in envy. That is the goal.

But it is not so easy to achieve that, especially when most ladies are not blessed with long, full and thick lashes.

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Anyways, no matter how short or brittle your lashes are, you can still get them to look like that of the celebrities you see on television. Today, we will explain two simple but effective ways to get your lashes looking sexy as hell.

1.      Buy an eyelash growth serum

If truly you are serious about your lashes, this is the first step to take. You might have been given other options like getting a lash lift, falsies, lash extensions, lash curlers or maybe increase your use of mascara. But the truth is; those options do not work.

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They are all temporary fixes. They make your lashes look great for a while and then your lashes are back to looking short, thin and dry.

But with a lash serum, the story is totally different. It will not just make your lashes look longer but actually make them longer.

How does an eyelash serum work?

An eyelash growth serum doesn’t focus on your lashes but targets your lash follicles. Your lash follicles are in charge of lash growth. It is from your lash follicles, new lashes grow. So, if there is anything wrong with your lash follicles, it will affect lash growth.

For this reason, lash serums stimulate the growth of lash follicles directly from your follicles. This increases the speed at which your lash grows. They also stimulate the growth of new lashes which makes your lashes fuller.

So, basically, eyelash serums make your lashes grow longer, fuller, and thicker. They also condition and hydrate your lashes, prevent breakage and prevent lashes from falling off. All these, a lash serum can do within four weeks.

2.      Watch your makeup habits

This is really important especially when it comes to your eye makeup.  The way you apply your makeup, the way you remove them and the kind of products you use all affect the growth of your lashes. Also, read more about the factors that are inhibiting your lash growth.

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If you are not careful, your lashes might break, and if this happens regularly, your lashes will gradually become a sight for sore eyes, and you won’t be able to go out without lash extension or falsies.

So, try not to wear makeup every day, the constant rubbing and touching are not good for your lashes. Your lashes are very fragile, and this can make them fall off. So, take some days off makeup to let your lashes rest.

Also, while removing your makeup especially mascara, try not to rub hard on your lashes. And never sleep with makeup on. Sleeping with mascara makes it easy for your already stiff lashes to break when they rub against your pillow.

In conclusion,

If you really want sexy lashes, then you should follow these tips. Also, do not forget to use a lash growth serum. Other tips prevent lash damage but a lash serum does not only prevent lash damage, but it also makes your lashes grow.

Do you ever wonder what gives those celebrities the sexy lashes they flaunt? The answer is simple: lash growth serums.

If you haven’t gotten a lash serum that works, what are you still waiting for? click the button below to get one.





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