habits that are inhibiting your lash growth

Four Habits That Are Inhibiting Your Lash Growth

Truth is we all have one habits or the other. Sometimes they are bad to admit. From picking our nose, peeling our lips, to breaking our nails, our habits can be as gross as they come.

Old habits die hard, and we sometimes see ourselves carrying our habits far into adulthood. When it comes to the eyes, some habits are just bad for your eyes and eyelashes.

The eyes are very sensitive; you should be very cautious of whatever you do close to those eyes. This article pinpoints some of the habits that may be inhibiting our lash growth.

Pulling your lashes:

Eyelash pulling is a serious addiction, and it takes time to wean people off this habit. Here are possible causes for people experiencing eyelash pulling;

  • It could be due to stress and anxiety. Many people have different ways of dealing with stress; for them pulling out their eyelashes helps to relieve them of the stress.
  • A chemical imbalance could cause it.
  • Hormonal changes during puberty could cause it.

There are several ways to stop this habit. You could wear a glove on your hands, apply petroleum jelly over the lashes, or just be determined to stop this habit.

Rubbing your eyes:

This is a common habit experienced by many people. The urge to rub the eyes is usually very high. However, it comes with a lot of risks. Our fingers contain dirt and germs that can lodge into the eyes and cause infection. Always resist the urge to rub your eyes, if you need to use a clean handkerchief.

Excessive curling:

Are you fond of curling your lashes? Then you need to have a rethink. Curlers are really great. They help to further beautiful our natural eyelashes giving them an instantly sexy look. However, you need to be careful when using them on your eyelashes. Don’t press your curlers (press between 5 to 10 sec) too hard on your eyelashes this can lead to a weakening of the roots leading to shedding of the eyelashes.

Excessive makeup:

Ladies who make use of heavy mascara are usually prone to eyelash loss. Waterproof mascara is the most common problem that affects the growth of lashes. The eyelash suffers losses whenever you are trying to remove your mascara at night due to excessive tugging.

Sleeping with your makeup:

Sleeping with your makeup is a no-no. Makeup can clog the eyelids duct and cause oil to get trapped. This could cause infection such as sty. Mascaras can also bond tightly to the lashes, making it difficult to remove without pulling your lashes in the process


Generally, The thing about habits is that you really don’t know how bad it is. Now is time to access yourself and see if you are guilty of any of these habits that are affecting your eyelash growth.

Now it is easy just to say STOP! But we know that hard work. The best way to stopping the habit is to imagine yourself in the next ten years with sparse lashes or bare lashes, imagine how horrible you will be. 

If you have suffered severe losing eyelashes due to habits that are affecting your lash growth, you can start treatment with an eyelash growth serum. Eyelash serums are powerful formula for stimulating the hair follicles to grow longer lashes quickly. To get started with a top quality lash serum, please visit here.


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