You may be tearing your hair out because well, you are losing your eyelashes and you don’t know what to do to stop it. Agonizing on what you don’t understand is usually not the solution. Many people suffer sudden hair loss. One day they have a head full of hair and healthy eyelashes, the next they are holding strands of fallen hair or lashes.

However, the truth is things happen for a reason, and this saying applies to hair loss too. Something must have triggered hair loss. Could it be genetics (androgenetic alopecia), deficient diet, bad habit (pulling or plucking lashes), medication, stress, medical conditions (diabetes, cancer) or even age? The moment you trace the cause to its origin is the moment you have a good idea of what to do next. 

2 Reasons Why You Are Losing Your Eyelashes


The next step is to face the cause of lash loss head-on. If the cause of your loss is a deficiency in diet, then you need to work on what you eat. If yours is bulimia or anorexia, then you need to start eating healthy and stop forcing needed food out of your body.

You might want to start preparing your food and ditch junk foods. Ensure that vegetables rich in iron, zinc, biotin, keratin and lots of vitamins are at the heart of your daily meal. Imagine the healthy state your body will be in and then you will start to regain your lashes.

If your loss is due to genetics, it means your system has been attacking your lash follicles, and this makes your lashes fall out suddenly and quickly. You need to see a dermatologist because no need for alarm, there is a treatment for it.

Chemotherapy can be responsible for temporary lash loss due to the radiation the cancer patient is usually exposed to during treatment. Once the patient stops chemo, hair growth should resume. Other medical conditions that can trigger hair loss include anaemia, diabetes, lupus and thyroid disease. A medical doctor can help out with treatment, prescription and eventually a reversal of hair loss.

Stress can be a significant factor for lash loss, and it can trigger some of the causes mentions previously. Stress can be caused by physical, mental, personal or even work-related issues. A stressed person might not eat properly, might be bulimic or anorexic, or even develop health complications that will make lash loss a child’s play.

Can Stress Cause Eyelashes Falling Out?


As a result, stress must be reduced to the barest minimum. Adequate rest will give the body, mind and brain the needed rest to function better. A less stressed person will think of eating healthy foods instead of junks and he will be of a better mind and won’t be easily prone to binging and vomiting. Basically, a less stressed individual will enjoy good health and make fewer emergency trips to the doctor.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Last and the simplest solution

Women can suffer temporary lash loss due to imbalanced hormones, which can be attributed to failing estrogen after giving birth or even age. Menopausal women might easily experience loss of lash hair too, but a visit to the doctor and taking cognizance of general health will aid recovery of lost eyelashes. Also, a very good eyelash boosting serum like Nourishlash will give you the desired length and fullness you want for your lashes. Check out more details here.

Why ladies are in love with NourishLash Eyelash serums?

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