Would you go for a product that will give you an instant result but harm you eventually when you could have another that will benefit even if the result takes a little longer? This is the parallel that exists between serums that has artificial ingredients and the ones that adopt botanical/organic ingredients.
The artificially composed serum might give rapid unbelievable results while the botanical counterpart will produce a steady effect, but the difference is that the former will have long term consequences such as irritation, change in the iris color and loss of eyelashes.

how to choose the best eyelash serum?
The purpose of eyelash growth boosters is to improve the condition of the lashes, as well as increase the thickness and length of the lashes and that is precisely the result people look out for when they use them. However, when they don’t get the desired results or develop complications from the use of serums, they are discouraged. So why do people get different results from different serums?
These days, many cosmetics manufacturers abound, and they claim to know what to put into eyelash enhancers that will help ladies to grow longer and lusher eyelashes, but in reality, they don’t, or they do but are after making quick money.
Below are some of the ingredients that are commonly found in eyelash serums which can have damaging side effects on users.

Can Eyelash Enhancer Serums Grow My Lashes?

1.    Isopropyl Cloprostenate

This belongs to a class of damaging ingredients called prostaglandin analogues. It triggers chronic eye irritation, causes eyelid pigmentation, extreme dryness, swollen eyes, puts the tears ducts to extra work and lowers eye pressure when serum gets into the eyes.

Isopropyl Cloprostenate side effects

This harmful ingredient also has the potential to permanently change light or bright colored iris into brown or a darker color. No one wants this kind of change.

2.    Bimatoprost

This is another prostaglandin chemical that can cause irreparable damages. It will alter the natural compound of the eyes because lash serums work in a way that they have to seep through the eyelids to the skin under to work. Therefore, bimatoprost can trigger inflammation, dryness or irritation which people tend to see as nothing as long the serum is working.

However, continuous indulging of irritation can lead to ocular surface dysfunction and also chronic dry eye might lead to vision impairment and ocular discomfort.

3.    Chlorphenesin

The effects of this prostaglandin analogue are similar to the other two. Chlorphenesin can trigger burning, itching, rash, redness and inflammation of the eyelids, bloodshot eyes and severe swelling.

Chlorphenesin side effects
However, in the midst of these counterfeits and sub-standards are the healthy and most effective eyelash enhancers. On the top of the list of best eyelash serum in the market is Nourishlash eyelash growth serum and it is not the best for no reason.

Why ladies are in love with NourishLash Eyelash serums?


Nourishlash eyelash serum is made from purely active organics which will give the best results in a little time. It is a natural based serum composed of fruit, flower and tea extracts (avocado, grape seed, coconut, clover flower and green tea) that act as protective agents against DHT, Vitamin B5 (calcium pantothenate) that provides the lash follicles with the nourishment it needs to function correctly and with speed.

5 Reasons Why You Need a Quality Eyelash Serum

It also contains peptides, caprylic glycol, and biotin which fortifies, conditions and stimulate the lash follicles to produce more keratin cells to increase the volume and length of lashes.

how to choose the best eyelash serum?

These are just some of the various effective yet safe ingredients the manufacturers of Nourishlash serum made use of. It is skin friendly, carcinogen free, fragrance-free and reasonably priced.
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