We all want a fuller, thicker, darker and longer eyelash. Eyelash enhancing serums provide that long, fuller lashes with conditioning effects. Whether you desire to boost your sparsely, thin short lashes, eyelash growth serums are manufactured for stimulating growth and making the eyelash thicker and fuller.  
These serums are often enriched with antioxidants like grapefruit extracts, biotin and lipids. Some eyelash may improve eyelash health and make your lash appear fuller but will not increase the lash growth.


5 Reasons Why You Need a Quality Eyelash Serum


What does eyelash do to your lashes?

what does an eyelash serum do?

Lash Serum Repairs and Moisture your eyelash

Moisture is one of the most vital ingredients provided by lash serum, they help ensure the strength of your eyelash making it impossible for breakage. The moisturizing effects of eyelash serum are safe and effective for eyelash growth and enhancement.


Provide conditioning effect to your lashes

Eyelash serum also ensures the conditioning of your lashes to help prevent from breaking and falling apart. They help replenish and condition the lashes to develop the health and appearance of the lashes.


Give strengthening effect to your lashes

Eyelash serum also contains collagen which is the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen has been one of the most important ingredients for eyelash serum and skin care. Collagen also helps to repair the damaged strands of the hair and plumps skin. They also help nourish and strengthen the eyelashes.
Also, eyelash serums are packed with peptides which provide the hair with a chain of amino acids that are required for the building of protein in the body. These ingredients help repair the damages on the hair and also nourish the eyelash.


Are Eyelash Serums Safe?

Research has shown that eyelash serums are relatively safe except in rear cases of reaction due to the sensitiveness of some of us. The eyes are a very delicate organ and the skins surrounding them are very sensitive to chemicals and other products. Thus there are cases of reactions.  
Potential reaction to eyelash serum includes itchy, redness of the eyes, darkening of the eyelids and unwanted growth of hair in areas the product touches.
To avoid most of these, wipe away excess product from the skin or any of the areas it touches after application to ensure the product only touch the lashes. And also avoid letting the serum get directly into your eyes. And wash thoroughly in any event that it does.


what does eyelsh serum do?

Although lash serum has proven to be very safe and effective which enhances the growth of your natural eyelash, they also turn sparsely looking lash into fuller thick lashes. Eyelash serum will help your natural eyelash improve to become that thicker, longer fuller lash you’ve always wanted.

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