eyelash growth serum that actually works

Do Eyelash Growth Serum Works? What You Need to Know

Having a long, curl lashes is desirable, but hair loss makes it difficult to achieve. For some reason, you may have a retarded growth while other conditions can cause early eyelash falls.

Most people, to curb this embarrassing problem, resort to applying eyelash growth products, but the effect is temporary and short-lived. However, eyelash growth serum that works is one of the most effective eyelash growth products.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to what eyelash growth serum is, do eyelash serums work, and why they are useful and better than other lash enhancing or conditioners.

What is Eyelash Growth Serum?

First, cosmetic serum is a skin care product you can apply on targeted areas of the skin with the intent of delivering a massive concentration of nutrient directly into the skin. Serum does this job well because it’s a formulation of ingredients which can supply more nutrients.

Also, the molecules of serums are tiny, therefore, enabling them to penetrate the skin and target specific skin care problems. Some serum target skin problems like wrinkles, fine lines or creases, but we’re going to talk about eyelash growth serum that works.

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More Nutrients than Food

Suppose you have a vehicle, to transfer goods from your warehouse to the factory where it’s needed. At that moment, the vehicle is very important because you need virtually all the goods to produce the desired product.

In the same sense, Serum is an ingredient (vehicle) which delivers nutrients (goods) to your skin (warehouse). Foods are excellent sources of nutrition, but serum contains more and can produce better rapid results. A good example of such nutrients is Calcium Pantothenate.

Calcium Pantothenate

Calcium pantothenate is one of the active ingredients found in ineffective and top eyelash serum. It strengths the lash follicles—which is particularly important. Lash follicles are the pores through which the hair strand grows. Also, the follicles are attached to the sebaceous—oil-producing—gland.

Underneath the lash follicles and oil-producing gland are many structures which some are attached to the blood vessel to derive vitamins and minerals required for activating lash cells.

In some foods, calcium pantothenate is present and usually refers to as vitamin B5. Few examples of foods such as pork, turkey duck, yogurt, lobster, and shellfish are rich in vitamin B5.

However, using organic material, calcium pantothenate is extracted in the laboratory with more advanced formulation process, thereby making them more active and speedy in delivering nutrients.

How Eyelash Growth Serum works

The most frequent question that people ask is do eyelash serums work, and how eyelash growth serum works. Reverting to the example cited earlier, consider your hair follicles as the factory—producing hairs—and lash serum as the vehicle delivering nutrients needed for the production process.

Eyelash growth serum does this well because of the presence of many active ingredients, in which calcium pantothenate is just one.

We found NourishLash eyelash serum to contain calcium pantothenate as part of its formulation with many more active ingredients which are useful for growing long and healthy eyelashes. Click the button below to get more information about NourishLash.


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