Why You Should Try Bare Lashes as a Makeup Trend

Why You Should Try Bare Lashes as a Makeup Trend?

At this point, it’s almost unthinkable for women to go out looking “bare-lashed”. This comes from an obsession of the look eye makeup brings – bold, beautiful and daring. Women are gradually becoming unable to go on without falsies or mascaras.

But what if bare lashes are the “in” thing now?

Well, here’s something you probably didn’t know – on the runways of most of the most recognized fashion houses, bare lashes were a trend. We’re talking Prada, Herrera and even Wang! This trend was beautiful to behold.

For the spring show of Prada, there was a combination of bare lashes with red colored lips while Alexander Wang’s show displayed matte faces and lashes that were feathery naturally.

For Herrera’s show, there was a combination of bare lashes and gray shadows.

We know what you’re thinking, “that look can only work for models on the runway, they’re paid and all “.

You have no idea how beautiful bare lashes as a trend look. They make you appear gorgeous; it’s almost like wearing nude lipstick.

Here are a few things to note if you’re going bare-lashed:

1. Going Bare-lashed does not mean everything else has to be bare

As much as you’ll look gorgeous appearing in naked lashes, we do not mean that you need to go bare-faced too. In fact, wearing well-done makeup that compliments your look will enhance your beauty, it almost acts as a complementary look for the naked lashes.

Therefore, you should take your time with your makeup so that you do not end up looking like you forgot to put on your falsies or apply mascara. It’s one thing to look like something is missing on your face, and it’s another to look complete even without mascara or lash extensions.

Your makeup while going bare-lashed matters.

going bare lashed

2. Your Skin Should be Flawless

The appearance of your skin is crucial if you’re going to pull off this look. Your skin will usually hide behind the mascara and may not be as noticeable. However, without a mascara or falsies, it is important that you have your skin going for you.

If they’re not flawless, at least they should appear so. What we mean is that there’s nothing a little makeup won’t fix. You could cover up your dark circles with a concealer and make your skin appear dewy.

flawless skin

3. Make Your Lips Bold

When you’re done with your face, don’t forget to wear lipstick, most importantly a bold lipstick. This is so that you do not feel so bare. It is put in place to complement the bare lashes look while helping you appear gorgeous.

You could go on a really dark lipstick or a bright one like bright red. It will cause your eyes to appear brighter than it is.

Make Your Lips Bold

4. Use a Lash Curler

With a lash curler, your lashes look better, and your eyes open up. They also curl the lashes up, preventing them from crimping.

If you do not have a lash curler, you could simply perm the lashes to have them looking sleek and lush. That way, you’ll hardly notice that a mascara is missing.

Plus did you know there are even clear mascaras that almost look like you have nothing on your lashes? You could use those to keep your curls or perms in place. Not to mention, it will also cause your lashes to shine.

Use a Lash Curler

How to make your eyes look pretty with no mascara?

With a lash serum, you can improve the length and thickness of your lashes. This is great business for you especially if you’ll be curling or perming, imagine curled up lashes that are so long and thick- perfection!

What is the best eyelash growth serum for bare lashes trend?

NourishLash is the best eyelash growth serum to use in this case. It’s natural ingredients (like peptides, hyaluronic acid, and green tea) provide nourishment necessary for the growth of the lashes. In about two weeks of daily use, you will begin to see impressive results.

NourishLash eyelash growth serum

The bare lashes, lash serum and lash curler/perm combo is the best combo and will enhance your look better than any mascara would.

Simply make sure you’re consistent in your use of the lash serum.To order yours, click here.

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