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Everything about Nourish Lash

It’s fine. But do your best to apply it twice daily so that you can see results on time. You might want to set your alarm for suitable times in the morning and evening to remind you always to use your lash serum.Do you want to know if NourishLash is the right eyelash serum for you? Below are some of the Nourishlash reviews from some customers.

How Does Nourishlash Eyelash Growth Serum Work?
This unique combination of Multi peptide (myristoyl pentapeptide 17 and myristoyl hexapeptide 16), herbal extracts (green tea, red clover, and grape stem cell), vitamins (biotin, panthenol, calcium pantothenate), humectants (hyaluronic acid) work together to nourish your dormant lash follicles while prolonging the anagen and catagen phases (the growing and transition phases of your lashes).

These ingredients also seal in moisture, shield your lashes from damage and drying while improving length and thickness.

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Are There Any Side Effects and Allergies?
Our clinical test proves that Nourishlash doesn’t trigger allergies or make you uncomfortable. However, if you notice any side effects, please discontinue use. Please take your time to study the ingredients. If you’re allergic to any of the listed ingredients, please do not use this product.

Can I Use With My Eyelash Extension?
Yes. Nourishlash is formulated with ingredients that go hand-in-hand with your eyelash extension and mascara. Using this eyelash serum will prevent lash fall out while strengthening and repairing damaged natural lashes. This will prevent you from having sparse, thin lashes.

Why Should I Trust NourishLash and Not An Hormone Serum?
You’ll see a more consistent result when you use Nourishlash. You won’t have to worry about getting dangerous chemicals into your precious sight, while hormone based lash serums put your lashes and eyes to significant risk.

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Does Prostaglandin Serums Work Better?
No. Prostaglandin works to incite sleeping lash follicles and roots so they can start growing long, full lashes. While this is true, prostaglandin triggers a lot of allergies like red eyes, dark eyelid, blurriness, permanent changes to iris color, swelling, itching, and more.

That was why our professional chemist taps into the power of powerful pentapeptides and biotin to make your lashes grow fuller and longer within a few weeks. And, of course, without the terrible side effects that accompany prostaglandin and other dangerous ingredients present in most lash serums.

How Many Times A Day Do I Use It?
For best result, you should apply NourishLash serum every morning before your makeup and at night after removing your makeup with a mild cleanser.

What If I Forget To Use It Daily?
Before that, let’s take a look at the most important things you should know about this serum for eyelashes.

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Can I Wear Makeup With NourishLash?
Yes. But first remove every traces of makeup, oil, and dirt before using Nourishlash at night. And in the morning, use Nourishlash before your makeup. This is because your makeup can form a thin barrier on the surface of your skin, preventing the serum from penetrating the lash dermis where it does the most good.

Is This Serum Clinically Tested?
Yes. Nourishlash is tested and attested by ophthalmologist and dermatologist to be safe and eyes friendly.

I’m Pregnant, Can I Use Nourishlash?
All the ingredients used in Nourishlash formulation are natural and sourced from trusted and professional suppliers, so pregnant, and nursing mothers can use it. However, you may want to check with your doctor before using it.


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