Eyelash Growth Serum

3 Lash Serum Truths No One Ever Told You

Anyways, do you know that you might be taking care of your lashes the wrong way? Why focus on mascara and the likes, when it is possible to have long and full lashes naturally with lash growth serums?

Why makes your lashes look beautiful when they can actually be beautiful?

In the next few paragraphs, we will be exploring the truth about lash serum no one probably ever told you.


Lash serums contain peptides which are great for damaged lashes

Did you know that your hair is mostly made up of protein? This includes your eyelashes too. Over 90% of your lashes are protein.

This is why amino acids are important to the growth of your lashes. They make up the protein in your body. Not only do they nourish your lashes, but they also repair any damage done to your lashes.

This brings us back to peptides which are basically used to refer to amino acids in beauty brands. Every lash serum that works has peptides as a major ingredient. This is to ensure that your lashes stay nourished and conditioned.

Also, peptides make your lashes strong and healthy

Lash serums boost the production of collagen

Another important protein you can find in the human body is collagen. We know that collagen greatly benefits our skin. It prevents sagging, wrinkles and other aging signs.

But do you know that it also plays a great role in lash growth? Collagen helps to repair damaged lashes. It strengthens them to prevent them from breaking or falling out. Knowing the importance of this, most lash serums producers have included collagen-boosting ingredients to ensure your hair stays healthy.

While mascara dries out your lashes, lash serum moisturizes them

Just like your skin, moisture keeps your skin healthy. It makes it almost impossible for your lashes to break. But sadly, most of the makeup we use for our lashes, especially mascara, dries out the moisture from our lashes.

A dry lash is a weak lash which is prone to breakage. But lash serums give your lashes a moisturizing effect. They do not only give your lashes the moisture they need to stay healthy, but they also condition them.

Its simple, while mascara gradually kills your lashes, lash serum makes them come alive.

You should also know,

While you use an eyelash serum that works, you should also try to eat a lash boosting diet. Eat foods rich in biotin and Vitamin B to keep your lashes healthy and strong. 

Every woman wants the best for her lashes, and that is why we take our time to give it the care it deserves. It is for the same reason we go shopping for mascara, lash extensions, and falsies. We would buy anything just to make our lashes look beautiful.

You should also try to make sure that most if not all of your makeup products are made from natural extracts, your eye makeup especially.

A woman who knows the worth of her lashes should have an eyelash serum. If you haven’t gotten yourself one, click on the link below to do so….

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