Eyelash Enhancer Reviews

I Now Have Incredible Eyelashes Thanks To This Lash Serum

I’m glad and more than happy to share my personal experience with you about a lash serum I found late last year.  I felt this could help you too. I have always tried improving my facial appearance, most especially my lashes and brows.

I used many products and method to enhance their appearance – to make them appear thicker and longer. But none worked for me. Worst still, some of them gave me bloodshot eyes and made me look as if I was high on marijuana.

I came across NourishLash from a blog when I searched for the “Top 10 Eyelash Serum on the Market.” It was ranked at number one. Then I dug deeper into why this eyelash serum came on top of thousands of other brands.

Yes, the price was reasonable. The product has a lovely design and comes in a big 7 ml jar. And it has a great applicator brush. All these factors are common to most of the eyelash serums on the market.

Then I looked up the ingredient list, carefully searching individual names online. It seemed to be a good product from the ingredient list I researched, and from the tons of reviews I read about it. The negative reviews don’t have anything to do with the product quality – just some delayed shipment and some other flimsy excuses.

I also looked up the claims that it could grow my lashes within 2 to 8 weeks. It seemed most reviewers saw results in less than eight weeks. I also came across the result of their clinical test, which looks impressive. But I was still skeptical. No thanks to some other brands like Latisse, Revitalash, Gandelash, and Neulash that I used in the past.

I also saw a lot of before and after pictures. Although they made sense, I understand some of these pictures could be photoshopped.

My Experience With Latisse

Latisse was the only serum for lashes that worked for me. It conditions, lengthens, and thickens my lashes within six weeks or so. But it came at a price – a big one at that. I was left with heavy under eye bags for the whole duration I used Latisse. Some nights (mostly after sweating profusely) I get a heavy dose of burning and tingling around my eyes for hours.

When I couldn’t bear the pain again, I had to stop. And two weeks after I stopped, my lashes fell out, and I was left with a lot of bare spots. Latisse took a lot of money from my pocket, took a long process before getting a prescription from my doctor, and it left me with a lot of side effects. Hence, my quest for a better alternative to Latisse.

My Experience With NourishLash

I ordered through its official website after some weeks on researching here and there. It arrived on time. When I applied it, it does leave some tingling sensation around my eyes for some minutes. The feeling disappeared, and I felt normal.

I use it every morning and night for about five weeks. Then new hair started growing on my empty spots. I was surprised by this new development. My current lashes were thickening, and I was enjoying every bit of these results. Although my lashes didn’t increase in length within the five weeks, the rate of lash strands I lose reduced.

It’s now over three months, and my lashes are looking unbelievable fantastic. I receive loads of compliments from friends, families, and people I don’t even know.

I don’t feel any side effects again, and it is easy to use. Unlike when I started using this serum, I’ve limited my application to three times a week to keep my lashes in shape. Even when I went over a week without using this  best eyelash growth serum, I didn’t experience lash loss.


Above all, I’m so pleased with this top eyelash serum.